Blog #4 The new Jim Crow

The Article by M. Alexander was an amazing read. I could not disagree with a single thing he said.  I’ve never believed in the war on the drugs which has financially drained this country only to imprison people of color with petty charges on minor drug offenses. Now that all these people are in jail slowly the legalization of marijuana is becoming more real. Currently there are 18 states that allow you to be in possession of medical marijuana. So my question is what was the purpose of the war on drugs ? I believe that President Obama’s Accomplishments are incredible and coincide with the image of the American dream. He is however one man among millions who are still treated unjustly. “There are more African-American adults under correctional today – in prison or jail, on probation or parole- than were enslaved in the 1850, a decade before the civil war began”. African-Americans where brought here to be slaves and when that didn’t work out there were branded as criminals and locked away. “Crime rates have fluctuated over the last few decades- they are currently at an all time lows- but imprisonment rates have consistently soared. Quintupled in fact. And the vast majority of that increased due to the war on drugs and the get tough movement”. These men become branded as criminals for life making it almost impossible to reform or attain a job. Drugs have been the catalyst to persecute people of color and lock them away. “In some states African-Americans comprise 80-90% of all drug offenders that go to prison”. The handful of successful African-Americans are used to bolster the myth that we are country that no longer has any racial discrimination. The truth is that African-Americans aren’t any better off than than when Martian Luther King Jr. was assassinated. So how far have we really come as a country ?


2 responses to “Blog #4 The new Jim Crow

  1. “The truth is that African-Americans aren’t any better off than than when Martian Luther King Jr. was assassinated. ” Very strong words, but i would disagree because i believe we have came along way from those times. But overall i agree with your blog and feel as if a lot of racial discrimination still lives on today. We’ve been through the likes on Lincoln, Ghandi, MLK, and yet we still have to fight for the rights for colored folks? Leaves me confused and stressed, i hope the light is able to shine brighter in the oncoming future.

  2. I agree with your statement about these men being branded as criminals for life. It is a stigma that we see within our society very commonly. Compare the percentage of white people arrested over these same petty crimes and its much less. I don’t believe that’s because they commit the crimes less, I think they are just less under the microscope of the law enforcement.

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