Blog 5: DuBois and the NAACP

Throughout the majority of his life, DuBois’s main goal was for himself and others to be equal with other races. After starting a bunch of organizations in his life to support his cause, it is safe to say that he wanted to progress and move forward. There is an extremely high chance that he would have felt proud if he was here today. In the present day of 2012, he would probably be astounded at all the progression that has been made. Unfortunately, it is also true that some leaders today have changed in a sense. Even though it is true that equality is the main goal of most, it is also the case that some people have not made that the number one top priority, even though it should be. It seems like some group leaders tend to get distracted by things, money being a big factor. This is the one problem that DuBois might be skeptical of.


One response to “Blog 5: DuBois and the NAACP

  1. DuBois and Martin Luther King shared a similar concept in that both leaders wanted everyone to be equal with other races. Money indeed to some group leaders is a big factor in our society.

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