Blog #5 Simmel on Tragedy of Culture

Simmel specifies that tragedy of culture is where objective culture -the ideas and products of human creativity -comes to over-power individual will and  self-production or subjective culture. The cultivation of individual potential  subjective culture is rapidly bound up with the cultivation of products that are the ideal,objectified expression of individual creativity objective culture. Simmel saw fulfillments in science technology, and the arts, as well as in the economy, bringing in their wake an exceeding rationalization of many domains in life. The alienating effects are an enrich consequence of modernization. As the complexities of modern societies and it’s expensive division of labor perform a need for the specialization of skills, they also saw the seeds for individual creativity and innovation. The freedom to interact one’s desires and talents that accompanies individualization leads to an increasing number of cultural objects-such as new goods to adapt, new scientific discoveries, and new forms of technology in production, transportation, and communication.


One response to “Blog #5 Simmel on Tragedy of Culture

  1. I agree with your statement simmels view were very direct and he saw a persons individualism fulfillment s through science and the arts. It is definitely from ones creativity and self power that’s comes to self produce a potential subjective culture.

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