Blog #2 Weber’s Ideal Types In “House of Sand and Fog”

House of Sand and Fog had all four types of Ideal types of social actions present in it. Assuming that we all know about the movie lets take a look back at what are the four type of social actions that Weber had presented.

  • Goal Rational – Actions taken with a valued goal mind but with no thought of its consequences
  • Value Rational – Actions which are planned and taken after evaluating the goal in relation to other goals
  • Emotional Rational – Actions which are taken due to one’s emotions, to express personal feelings
  • Traditional Rational – Actions taken with influence from traditions, practices, or the way it always has been

Now that we have a better understanding of what each one is lets tie it into the movie and how it seemed to play out.

  • Goal Rational – A perfect example would be when Massoud (the bold guy) decided to buy the house and sell his without considering what would happen of the person who had lost the house.
  • Value Rational – Again this is evident from Massoud because for example when he obtains the new house he begins construction so he can make a bigger profit in the long run. It is also shown when he decided to independently sell his old house because he feels like he can get a better profit then selling it directly to the market.
  • Emotional Rational – Emotions play a huge part in the film especially for the lady who had lost her house Kathy, after loosing her house she begins let go of hope and starts contemplating over suicide allowing her emotions to get the best of her.
  • Traditional Rational – Massoud was a war veteran and has very specific tractional roots, which is evident when he goes to see the lawyer, he automatically talks down to the lady at the front desk and demands to speak to the lawyer while using “Mr.” in connection to the lawyers name. Only to find out the lawyer is the lady who he was speaking to the whole time.

So what are your thoughts ? Tell me where you think these social actions take place within the movie. 



One response to “Blog #2 Weber’s Ideal Types In “House of Sand and Fog”

  1. I agree with your classifications of these events. I think the actions of the characters in this movie were mostly instrumental rational and emotionally driven. Especially those of Barani and Kathy.

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