Blog 4: Exploitation on the American Dream

After watching the statement on. housing in US today I couldn’t believe that there are people out there that’s abuse what they have. hereof have millions of people without a home. I don’t blame people for creating this “American Dream” of homeownership web cause they are living and it shows with hard work you will get to where you want in life.  Force closing and. Taking away homes isn’t the answer for bankers yea they are in heaven. to support the non profit organizations that’s are out there creating accessible stable housing for those families out there. This statement just put a crash on the whole idea of what the “American dream” was or should/.could be / still is for many.  The. Way they are looking at housing they are exploiting it like apiece of dessert. This American dream that was built has substance and meaning and it is a sense of empowerment. By exploiting it in this way it is loosing that and giving less hope for those whom dream/ dreamt owning something one day.


3 responses to “Blog 4: Exploitation on the American Dream

  1. Indeed the American Dream should be looked as a empowerment in society. It should not be looked upon as a negative aspect instead as a positive force in society. Most importantly, it should be seen as an investment to owning something oneday.

  2. I also agree with this statement, The American Dream should be a force that drives us to work hard and work to achieve this goal. However, the way things are going in this economy and with the housing and foreclosure problems many people who have worked hard their whole lives to achieve this dream are seeing it slip away, while others never even get the opportunity.

  3. It is definetely sad that this dream is looked at negatively. It is true that the economy is in a bad place and times are hard. But people should use the ideas of the American dream as a driving force of what they really want to do in life.

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