Blog: 5 – Simmel- tragedy of culture

Georg Simmel developed the concept of the tragedy of culture. Though he didn’t get these findings on his own, but from Marx’s writings on commodity fetishism. His concept sought to explain the “reification of products or goods within a society”. The labor in which arises during the process of modernization changes the flow of how things work. What it is it allows people to become more increasingly creative and innovative. As a result they begin to produce an abundance of cultural objects. They created these objects for the obvious reasons, consumption. These products become fetishized by society. Therefore they gain power. He writes about how through creativity such as that our”clothing” is a way for us individuals to express ourselves therefore becoming more then a means of clothing ourselves. What he wanted was for us to take that role of a cultural identifier. Simmel sought that with the attempts we made to be culturally different to identify ourselves through the clothes we wear Would produce to buy more clothes. The objective of culture, the products, ideas of humans and there creativity in the end is the one to overpower and self produce our will . 


One response to “Blog: 5 – Simmel- tragedy of culture

  1. Simmel wanted us to better examine ourselves by observing our own clothes, and looking at the larger picture. If people then look what we are wearing, they may want to copy our style and therefore produce more of our type of clothing. Creativity was the key to Simmel!

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