Blog #3: Black and white, more than skin color.

From the entire semester, one of the things that stuck out most to me was the interview we saw after the video of the riots, where the white man was saying that black people and black culture caused the riots. The most interesting thing he said in my opinion was that a black man, whose name I don’t recall, would be though to be white by people if they heard him speak on the radio. This statement was one of the most racist things I’ve heard in my life. The man was saying that being black was more than a color, anything negative was black, and that rap and violence was the black culture. He was also insinuating that being educated and talking intelligently is something that is “white”, because as he said, if that black man would be heard speaking on the radio, he would be though to be white. I think being “black” or “white” is taking on a whole new meaning in today’s society and is becoming a stereotype and people are being stigmatized.


One response to “Blog #3: Black and white, more than skin color.

  1. Exactly. You reveal Starkey’s dubious assumptions — “black culture” and “respectable,” middle-class culture are mutually exclusive in his mind. If blacks engage in any behavior of which Starkey disapproves, he concludes it’s a symptom of (uniformly harmful) “black culture.” Yet if they engage in what he considers “respectable” behaviors (e.g., a polite manner of speech) this, in his mind, is out of character.

    Not the most rigorous analysis I’m afraid..

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