Blog #4 Flirting: Put your tongue back in !

Hey beautiful, yes you the one reading this (preferably a girl). How was class, really ? I bet it would be better if we sat with one another ?

Flirting, a innocent gesture. But what exactly is flirting ?

flirting  present participle of flirt (Verb)

  1. Behave as though attracted to or trying to attract someone, but without serious intentions: “it amused him to flirt with her”.
  2. Experiment with or show a superficial interest in (an idea, activity, or movement) without committing oneself to it seriously.


It seems the key component within flirting is “not being serious”, correct me if i am wrong. Lets take a look at two different perspective of flirting.

Simmel –  said “the kind of sociability that epitomizes the duality between conformity and differentiation…” “alternates between consent and denial”. He seems to believe more in the definitions above as well as adding his own two cents by believing women usually control the flirting aspect. At the end to him flirting is nothing serious just a small gesture that is light and playful.

On the other hand Gilman believed flirtation was more serious then many believed. For example he uses women as an example and how they are taught how to use flirtation to their advantage for future benefits. To him flirtation is a rational tool with a goal in mind.

So what do you think about flirts in this century ? Who do you agree with and why ?

I know i lean more towards Gilman’s belief because these days everyone has a goal in their minds.


3 responses to “Blog #4 Flirting: Put your tongue back in !

  1. I agree with you! I feel that Gilman’s belief is a little bit more accurate than Simmel. Gilman believed flirting was more serious because it was a goal. Many people now a days have goals in their life whether its through flirting or not.

  2. I agree that women usually a goal in mind when they flirt, and they are much more cunning than males when they do. They will flirt with the unattractive nerd because perhaps, they want him to help with her homework. They’ll flirt with the unattractive cop because they want to get out of a ticket. They’ll flirt to get freebies, discounts, etc etc. They seems to have more goals in mind. I wondered why no theorist ever explored men and their flirting, but I realize that men flirt for one goal-sex. And usually they won’t flirt with you for any other reason.

    • I also agree with Gilman. Women almost always have some sort of intentions when they flirt. I always see girl flirt with bartenders or waiters to get free drinks. And I have seen many instances with girls hit on my friends to get to them to drinks for them as well. Girls will even flirt with some one to boost their own self sesteem. I am no saying all girls do this many are actually really innocent and flirting is just part of their personality. But there are those with not so pure intentions and as a guy we have to figure out what they are and how we can turn it around on them before we fall become the next victim.

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