Blog #5 Living for debt, Dreaming for no debt

Here is a conversation between Rochelle and Julius (Wife and Husband) from the Tv Series “Everyone Hates Chris” – Ep: Everyone hates the pilot :

START @ 17:45

Rochelle – You gotta know how to work the system.
Julius – What system? – The debt system.
Rochelle- I run this house like they run the country…
on a deficit.
Rent is due on the 3rd,
I don’t pay ’til the 9th because you don’t get your check ’til the 7th.
If you pay the light bill now,
I won’t have money for the groceries, the rent will be late
and then you’ll have to work overtime.
You want to work overtime again, Julius?
Julius – No, I don’t think so.
Rochelle – If we don’t owe people money,
we won’t have any money at all.

What is evident here is the meaning of debt, without the ability to borrow money and pay it back with interest would cause havoc and would cut peoples dreams down. People must fall into dept in order to dream big and that shortly becomes the American Dream, to get rid of the debt once you are done using it all. Debt has always been going on but it pays a huge part in the American Dream.  What are your thoughts? Do you believe it plays a part on the American Dream or is it the American Dream?


One response to “Blog #5 Living for debt, Dreaming for no debt

  1. BRAVO, K! This is brilliant. I actually remember watching this, but I’d forgotten this bit of wisdom about the “debt system.” This is perfect. I’m going to share it with my Strike Debt organizer friends. It’s perfect for social media outreach. I just need to find a shorter clip of it.

    It’s remarkable how on TV it’s in comedy where one can find “real talk” about the economy. You’re absolutely right. Our “virtual” money system is impossible without debt (and credit). All currency is essentially an I.O.U. We would have no money without debt. Money = debt.

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