Blog #5 ,Race today in American,


3 responses to “Blog #5 ,Race today in American,

  1. I agree with you Wagma! Many poor people are sent to prison! There are many african americans that are poor, and they end up in prison. Due to poverty it breaks up families. Rich people have so many ways against the law, its like they can get away with what ever they want. I really wish there was a suspicion of racist policies.

  2. Im not sure that poverty breaks up families. I think people who are not willing to work together, unable face the consequence of their actions (see unplanned pregnancy/single mothers) and lack the determination and will to reach long term goals without immediate sacrifices are break up families when they walk out or opt for a divorce. Discriminatory legislation are not the only things to be blamed. There is also a huge failure on money management by many in poverty. For example, why on earth are you buying 300 dollar jordans if you have make child support payments? Instead of focussing on what brand your or your child in where how about we sure make they are doing their homework and not on the street. It is not just a lack of good judgement it is also a cultural phenomenon. The ideas talked about in most of the music on the radio doesnt exactly tell people to save money and invest. Im just saying that before you pointing the finger at the government maybe the people should change first. To recieve help from others you must first change yourself.

  3. Dtaylor I agree. I have heard so many stories welfare checks but they still have an i phone are you kidding, the sneakers, the name brand jeans and its not right, some people do need financial help and others know how to “play the system” horrible.

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