Blog 1 Darcus Howe

After the riots in England a Trinidadian native writer by the name of Darcus Howe is interviewed.  In this interview he attempts to explain the difference between a riot and an insurrection.  He says that a riot is a pretty much violence for no reason, however an insurrection is a direct result of countrymen being mistreated by their government.  He tries to label this London riots as an insurrection that was caused by increase in discrimination by the police against black citizens.  Mr. howe also points out that he was also part of government protests that ended violently.  I disagree with Mr. Howes point of view as to whether this was not a riot but an insurrection.  I believe This was a full scale riot.  To be me the word insurrection suggested planned actions to combat direct acts form the government not mindless violence and looting as seen in the videos and photos.  There was so no organization to the behavior of the rioters just wide spread violence and carnage.  Labelling this as an insurrection only makes this mindless behavior seemed purposeful which it was far from.


One response to “Blog 1 Darcus Howe

  1. Strong critique, D. The distinction you make is valid and important. Keep in mind, however, that Howe is being interviewed the morning after the police shooting and vigil at the police station, before most of the “mindless violence” took place. It’s difficult to attribute a unified motive to the actions. The people interviewed by the Guardian (the video we viewed in class) all gave reasons for their actions. It’s possible that they only constructed these reasons after the fact, but many of them described how their feelings / beliefs (about the police and gov’t) had a history, that they built up over a long period of time.

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