Blog 2 fashion week

After  watching the video about Fashion week in South Korea, I saw many of George Simmel’s idea and concepts.  South Korea is the fachion capital of the other side of the planet.  People travel from the far corners of the world to seethe lastest and craziest trends being strut down the runway.  I was a little surprised that the sociologist in the video was able to gain access to such a high profile event.  I was even more shocked to see the growing trend in plastic surgery.

Georgre Simmel believes fashion is form of self expression.  He says that through fashion the individual can express themself in their own distinct and unique manner.  He also believes the orginal distinctive intentions of fashion tend to be ruined as more people adopt that specific style.  I do not agree with Simmel.  The clothes a person chooses to wear does not always refect the individual they are.  For example, in the video an korean man dressed as punk rocker was interviewed and stated that he just dresses that way because he likes the look and that he does not follow that lives style and anti-establishment.  Also my person fashion does not reflect my life style too.  I typically wear alot of baggy sweats with a fitted baseball hat.  Most people assume this is how thug or gangst dresses when in fact that is not my life style at all.  The idea of fashion is not a universal one, in fact it varies from person to person.


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