Blog 3 statement on housing

After watching this video clip Im not sure who to blaim for the current state of the housing market.  On one side we have banks and lenders only looking out for themselves and knowingly letting people take out loans they clearly could not afford.  It is very evident that the bankers were only interested in accumulating loans and not worried about who would pay them back.  American greed got the best of them in the free market.  On the other hand I am not sure as to logic of those who took out the loan to begin with.  How did they think they could afford such an expensive loan.  Im sure they must have seen some numbers that didnt add up or maybe they were not checking the details and fine print as they should have.  But altogether this video clip was a little intimating.  I am 22 about to graduate college and I cant help but wonder if this is what the real world has in store for me and future family?


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