Blog post #1Concept of Alienation

I find the concept of alienation in the workplace interesting and true in many ways. it is the production of machines and capital that changed the way the economic system works. Before a shoe maker would be able to work from home and create his product from start to finish and they would truly be involved in making the product. The reward was fulfilling because at the end of the day the shoe maker is getting paid for their creative work. With the business of capital that allows the wealthy and knowledgeable to obtain machines and build factories does not allow people to be creative individuals, it only gathers people to become alienated from their labor.


7 responses to “Blog post #1Concept of Alienation

  1. The empirical and historical detail is very helpful in conveying the concept of alienation. The relationship between alienation and the location of the “workplace” is interesting, e.g., the paradoxical effect of working in close proximity to others in a factory setting is heightened separation/alienation. Fast forward to today, and more work is moving back into the home — but it’s controlled in an almost “industrial” way. Recently I’ve been reading about how employees of the debt collection industry and those working for “call centers” of various kinds are increasingly working out of their own homes, saving the companies a good deal on overhead. They especially like to employ “stay at home moms,” who seem to accept lower wages in exchange for the “privilege” of working from home and being able to take care of family. The employers and other boosters of “telecommuting” and such call this “freedom.” But, for some, it feels more like a prison where work never ends. To relate it to Durkheim, the home changes from a place that is *sacred* to one that’s *profane*…

  2. I disagree with those who say that working from home is like a “prison”. Those mothers or fathers who are stay at home caregivers choose to work at home instead of going out to work. It is sort of a privilege to be able to make your own schedule, (as long as you meet your deadlines) wear your pajamas, eat at your desk and pause for baby, bathroom, tv, etc. You can even run to the mall or see a quick movie indoors or outdoors. So again, that does not sound like prison to me.
    Sure it appears that work never ends, but what about the mothers and fathers who work a 9 to 5 and then fight the commute home via subway or traffic on highway, to come home exhausted to cook and take care of family. I think working from home is more relaxing, less stressful, you save a ton of money in commuting and/or gas expense, lunch and contributions to Christmas parties, office parties, etc. Just think you can have your dinner cooking on stove, washer machine going at the same time while you are working, can not do that while in an office. Sign me up anytime.

    Karl Wright
    Soc 331 mon/wed 6:15-7:55

  3. I agree with Karl, I don’t believe that its a disadvantage to be working at home. I’m pretty sure many parents would like to choose this option, instead of having to commute to a workplace that takes a lot of traveling time. I think the only advantage that this option would take- that may be a necessity for others to work their way up, is socializing with other employees or employers. I remember a time when I use to nanny, the child’s dad would sometimes choose to work at home. Without restriction, his child was able to come in and out of his room because she was able to spend some time with him. I probably would also consider this working method as having “freedom” because like the dad, he did not have to constantly be focused on making phone calls or working on papers.

    Estelle Park
    Soc 331 Mon/Wed 6:15-7:55pm

  4. I have to agree with this as well. I do not believe it is a disadvantage to work at home. If you’re able to work at home, your hours are much more flexible. The restrictions that apply to most regular or 9-5 jobs won’t apply to those working at home. There are many people that prefer to stay home with their kids so this works out. This also works best for women when they’re pregnant or just had a child. Sometimes, women don’t always get their position back when they’re ready to go back to work from maternity leave. Working at home would help them from getting stuck in situations like that. In addition, many people dread morning and rush hour commutes so if this could be avoided, many would be happy.

  5. I agree with the comments above on the topic of working from home and I believe that if one was given the choice of working at home to working outside of the home, many to most would prefer making an income from home. Families, obviously, would love to be able to do two things at once; parent and work, ideally from the same place if given the option. Commuting, time management, the hussle and fuss of being on time, kids, etc. are all contributing factors that help people decide where they would like to work from. Plus, who wouldn’t mind taking control of the hours one works and how they go about their days without a set schedule and time table?

  6. I think working from home would make you more productive because let’s face it, if we work in an office or anywhere outside the house there is always someone trying to pull you down or the boss watching your every move or someone who acts like your bff but talks behind your back, etc and that really effects your performance. But you tend to be more relaxed and confident when in home and surrounded by people that you are used to and that you know are genuinely happy to see you succeed….with the bonus of unlimited bathroom breaks and other breaks…plus the dinner’s all ready and the house is clean..while you see your neighbor walking back home all tired and exhausted….

  7. I agree with the comments on this post. Working from home is a big help to most families not only because they can take care of the young children, but also because it helps them save money. For example if you work from home you don’t need to waste money on gas, public transportation, lunch, babysitters because you can take care of your own children, you eat at home and you don’t need to move around in a vehicle. Another pro of working from home is that you can take breaks whenever you want; you don’t need to wake up early, if you or your children are sick you don’t need to call out and risk getting fired. Yes sometimes you might work a little more than working a 9 to 5 but in the end you have more advantages.

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