“Contradictions of Capitalism?”

I do agree with Marx when he argues that capitalism is to blame for the disparities in society today. However, I believe it is the corruption of capitalism that is really to blame. Neoliberal capitalism has been helping the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. Although it can expand the free trade in the US, it limits social growth in the work force by cutting jobs and making goods that the public need more expensive by selling companies to private sectors. Neo liberalism also makes the public more self reliant on issues like finding their own health care and means of income. Therefore,Capitalism is not the issue-it is the corruption in it.


2 responses to ““Contradictions of Capitalism?”

  1. I totally agree with you..It is not the system but the people in charge that are to be blamed. Instead of just thinking of filling their own pockets, they should think of the people who helped them reach that position – the public.

  2. Nice work, C. Your critique echoes points made by other critics of neoliberal capitalism such as Joseph Stiglitz, who holds a Nobel prize in Economics. Stiglitz argues the underlying problem is “free market fundamentalism,” an almost religious belief in the “invisible hand” of the market. He and others advocate reforms such as the “Tobin tax,” which would apply to financial transactions. Yet even this relatively modest regulation has little chance of being implemented, such is the power of the financial sector on government regulators and congressional lawmakers.

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