Proletariat or *Precariat*?

(Image: <a href="" target="_blank">Jared Rodriguez / Truthout</a>)A “Post-Racial” America of Austerity, Insecurity for All But the Very Rich?

“When you start to connect the dots between the New Normal and Austerity, you see an additional picture. There is a new class of existence being created in this country:” the precariat.

“Millions of workers, mainly young and educated, are being habituated to a life of unstable labor and uncertainty, a precarious existence. . . .The precariat is wanted by multinationals and many corporations”. . . because the precariousness of their existence makes them easy to exploit. They are saddled with debt from school loans, working two and three jobs at subsistence wages with no health care, no pension and no sense of permanency or security.'”   –Guy Standing


One response to “Proletariat or *Precariat*?

  1. I think Precariats are the same as Proletariats, only difference is they are educated. Nothing has really changed. Rich were the ones with all the power and it still remains the same.

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