Marx’s capitalism takes away the labor’s selves and it is known as alienation. I think this will be a  major problem of capitalism. The economy of American has been undergoing issues and people  are forced to face lay offs and unemployment. As we know, the purpose of most people to work is to simply make a living regardless of their own personal interests. They encounter problems and have to deal with the co-workers and bosses that they might not to work with. Plus, their job might not be what they really want to do for their lives. I assume that as more economic problems occur, people will be force to face even more problems and these problems are going to damage the labors’ minds. They discontent with their work and certainly it is going to affect the efficiency and the quality of the products. Therefore, alienation is a main cause to the failure of capitalism.  


One response to “Marx

  1. Thoughtful post, P. It raises some interesting questions. Indeed, alienation is a key feature of capitalism according to Marx. But it’s more a *symptom* than the main *cause* of capitalism’s crises and anticipated failure, i.e., the inherent contradictions of capital. An important question is whether individual workers can overcome their alienation from one another and organize collectively, whether they will develop *class consciousness*, as Marx anticipated..

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