Karl Marx

After reading about Marx I have kind of become a fan of his based on what i have read because, I agree with his German Ideology that basically critiques Hegel and his german followers.  Hegel influenced Marx it led him to portray that the class struggle that Marx explained in his Capital showed a strong analysis of the nature of Capitalism and how Capitalism works.  I agree with Marx’s idea that socialism arises natuarally from social conflicts that co-exists with Capital.  In addition i also agree that the divison of labor in Capitalism resulted in isolation of the person.

I am not against Bourgeoisie but or Proletariats but after reading Marx’s ideas about the Communists Manifesto I feel that the communinsts manifesto was written in order for communists to publicize their views and eliminate any misunderstandings that were going on about them.


2 responses to “Karl Marx

  1. Your post outlines many of Marx’s key insights, and it goes farther in that you also take a position on these views — however, you don’t explain *why* you find them persuasive. Next time, try to describe why certain concepts or theories make sense (or don’t make sense) to you, e.g., talk about empirical examples, observable trends (from the present or past)..

  2. farahmohammed9

    Ok professor thanks so much for your feedback i will try to be more clear in my future posts.

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