Post #2 Durkheim

I believe if Durkheim were alive today he would be even more fascinated with suicide in society. Today, suicide isn’t considered as such a taboo then in previous years. Many of today’s suicide I believe Durkheim would say would be caused from egoism. With the cases on the news and in articles, reporters claim that the suicide victim was very to him or herself and withdrawn from society, social interactions in school, daily life and in their home.

Many people in today’s society follow Durkheim’s views whether they know it or not.Especially his views on religion. In a time where people and communities are more free with religion many do not go to a church, meaning an officially recognized places of worship. Some communities join together and worship at a house or by an object and according to Durkheim that would be considered a moral community church.



One response to “Post #2 Durkheim

  1. Very good, C. You clearly present a couple key concepts from Durkheim’s theories of suicide and religion: 1) how the social condition of *egoism* relates to suicide in modern times, and how it may be the main source of suicide today and 2) how for Durkheim what’s essential in religion isn’t the physical place of worship or the formal structure of it, but that it is a “moral community.” As you note, if we had considered only these “superficial” features, we would miss the kinds of gatherings outside “officially recognized places of worship,” where plenty of “religion” happens these days.

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