Post # 2: Durkheim’s theory on suicides

At first I thought it was strange for Durkheim to believe that through his analysis, suicide rates increased through sociological terms, rather than psychologically. However, as I continued to read on about his perspective on these occurrences of suicides in different societies, I was able to understand his explanations on how suicide rates mostly increase. When Durkheim mentions about social crisis that lead to suicides, this made me think of an cause and effect. For instance, if a person became isolated at home, work, or even through a relationship- this may effect a person’s mind to think negatively, which possibly leads to depression. Therefore, even though Durkheim does not necessarily mention the effects of one’s mind that was caused sociologically, it all interrelates by having one to first go through a circumstance to then be psychologically effected.

An example of this connection, in an anomic and egoistic suicide, would be an unexpected big win in the lottery. People would believe that winning the lottery will change their lives for the better. However, this drastic change could make matters worse because of their unpreparedness. A person may become socially disconnected with many because of his or her lack of trust on others. Personally, just thinking about what I would do if I suddenly won the lottery, overwhelms me- so to me, its not surprising that many commit suicide through this situation because one should also be mentally unstable.


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