After reading the power point slides  on Durkheim’s suicide and religion I would agree very much for the most part.  he talks about the social factor in showing reults for suicide but as someone who is big on psychology and biology i would have to say that these are some important factors as well.  On the other hand ED’s egotistic and anomic suicide does show another well thought out aspect.  he shows us by comparing Jews  Catholics and protestants that it really does matter alot in how one socializes.  this influences a major part of our lives especially being accepted in to society.  this gives us a sense of hope and something to look forward to with others that you can relate to.  He also goes on to speak about how unmarried and married status plays a role in suicide.  He states that the more kids one has the less likely that are to commit suicide and the less kids you have the more likely you are to commit suicide.  i feel that today this depends on the economy.  for example today i would not think that this be the case.  Because there is so much responsibility it leaves people with less time to socialize and a majority of their time working and taking care of their kids.  I feel that the person would more likely fall into a depressive state and be omitted from the social factor completely.  in addition, low suicide rates among poor, and highest among liberal well to do positions is true because without one expressing ones self especially in the workplace can be very isolating.  this can give a feeling of displacemnt and sadness and can be a major contributing factor in suicide rates.  we all need to have some sort of socialization so that we can obtain a peace of mind and now that there is more to life than what meets the eye.


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