Durkheim On Suicide Post #2

Durkheim’s views on suicide are very interesting. Besides looking at suicide based on a individual perspective he looked at it at the society level. He said there were two different “extra social causes” . The first is all based on the individual and how that individual is  pathologically and the other cause is the environment. The external physical environemnt Durkheim believes has major impact on people and why they commit suicide.

Durkheim also confronted religion as a factor of suicide. He looked at why Protestants had a higher suicide rate than Catholics. He also believed that “that the cause for lower rates of suicide is to be found within the nature of the religious confession itself”. Durkheim said those religions such as the Jewish people keep close ties with one another and that is why they have less suicide rates than the protestants and catholics. He said the jews have strong “community ties”. Durkheim also said that marriage is also a preventative of suicide. Those who are amrried are less likely to commit suicide according to Durkheim. Durkheim also stated that the immunity to suicide increases with the size of the family which is quite interesting. Having a bigger family holds you down to more relationships and gives a sense of belonging in this world.


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