Marx and Durkheim’s view on religion Post #1

Marx and Durkheim are some of the most prolific theorists known to man today. However they both have different views on such things such as religion. Marx viewed reliogion as an oppression for society. A sort of “coping mechanism” for capitalism. Something to get your mind off things. Marx would describe religion as the “sigh of an oppressed creature.

Durkheim on the other hand had completely opposite ideas. He looked as religion as a benefactore to help people create norms and live a so called “normal” life. Durkheim looked at religion as a reinforcement for society. It helps bring to bring society together to share ideas that can benefit the society. Durkheim thoguht religion was a great thing unlike Marx who thought the opposite. Marx called it the “opium of the people”.


One response to “Marx and Durkheim’s view on religion Post #1

  1. Thought-provoking post, C. It’s hard to believe how two extremely brilliant sociologists, keen observers and analysts of the social world, could have such wildly different views. The subject of religion perhaps is where their differences are most pronounced. Of course, it’s important to remember they were asking fundamentally different questions, Durkheim about what held society together and Marx about what drove society apart. Marx’s dismissal of religion, as well as nationalism has been proven short-sighted, leading some to question other aspects of his theory as a result. At the same time, Marx did devote a lot of attention to ideology and ideological critique.

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