Blog # 1 Why Poverty??

In relation to the blog “A graphic look at US wealth inequality”, this video portrays the current situation of this ‘democratic’ country. It is very disheartening to see these rich people so unconcerned about the rest of the population.


4 responses to “Blog # 1 Why Poverty??

  1. This video really upset me it makes you very aware of the injustice of this capitalists society. I find it so pathetic how the rich speak of themselves as if they deserve more and the lower class are the ones taking advantage of them. It’s truly sad to see how little compassion the rich have and how money and wealth can change your values and your morals. It’s also scary to know that we can be in the hands of these people like republicans they to me represent the non rational party

  2. The quote, “The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer,” is literally being in effect in the U.S., which is really depressing and truly disgusts me of how unfairly wealth is being distributed. These politicians that have this massive amount of money for themselves are no where being truthful of having sympathy to ones that are having a difficult time making 50 bucks a day. They may donate a good amount to corporates, communities. However I doubt its truly the means to help out- instead having a good appearance of themselves for the public. And its still absurd to me that less than thousand people are in control of more of the wealth than the other hundreds of millions of people. Karl Marx would definitely give this video as an example and say that money is “the alienating ability of mankind.”

  3. I finally got a chance to check this out — it’s awesome. Thanks, Annie, for bringing it to my attention! I teach a course on NYC on another campus and I’m adding it to my syllabus. It’s a great doc, which is not surprising as it was made by Alex Gibney, who’s directed a bunch of other excellent documentaries, on Enron, Banksy, and Eliot Spitzer/Wall Street.

  4. I definitely agree with the comments above about how injust and truly sad and depressing it is to see something like this going on in our world today. Seeing is one thing but hearing it as well, just brings a whole new wave of disgust, in my opinion. This has always been a issue in our society and it seems like it is just getting worse and uglier. The rich are getting richer and the poor only can do so much. I hope to one day be able to see something change regarding the wealth distribution in this country, as well as the attitude the wealthy display because of it. Not to say it is just them who portray a distasteful manner, that is. It has been a long time coming and I know millions would love to see something change, too.

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