Weber and religion Post #3

Weber through out his life was a left-wing economist. He studied captitalism in depth and also religion. He has many fascinating ideas about religion. Weber believed that some religions accepted capitalism and others opposed it.

Weber coined the term “protestant work ethic”. Protestant work ethic means the devotion to hard work that branches from the Protestant ethic. He thought that capitalism grew from seeking wealth in religion as a symbol of work. The protestant ethic in essence influenced how capitalsm was founded and developed. Weber found that the protestant ethic affected the development of economic systems. He also examined Calvinism and its ideas and interpeted them. Weber believed that hard work and dedication and gaining capital was a blessing from God. These ideas that Weber states makes people more engaged to accumalate more money.

Weber believed the “spirit of capitalism” not only invloved “entrepreneuralism” but also this sense of being grateful to god and humble for economic gains. 


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