House of Sand and Fog

This movie has shows a clear distinction between class and status (Weber) in the character of Berhani. He is blind to the fact that he belongs to a lower class or clearly does not belong to the upper class. He came from his country and lost both his class and his status. Though, he tried to keep that status and class of a General in America, it really meant nothing. He held on to it so much so he couldn’t see what he was here. In terms of status, he faked his ‘lifestyle’ in order to marry off his daughter to a well off man. They lived lavishly, way out there means . Everyone from the outside viewed them as an upper class rich family. This was just an allusion but nonetheless the status they owned. Weber definition of status meant someone’s lifestyle- meaning if you are ‘poor’ but you lived an extravagant lifestyle, your status can be viewed as high; or sometimes you can have a high status with no relation to income. An issue was that Berhani was ignorant to his class because of his past life. He definitely did not have class consciousness(Marx). Technically when he purchased Kathy’s home, he became part of the Bourgeoisie and left the Proletariat, but in modern views he would barely be considered middle class.


2 responses to “House of Sand and Fog

  1. it is true that he was faking his status, but he also saw an opportunity and he took it. That is something that cannot be frowned upon as he was attempting to give his family the life they were used to. Class is not concrete and he had a good opportunity to move up. It was too bad he had to run into a retard cop and a depressed woman.

  2. Sharp analysis, J — excellent work using the character of Behrani to tease out the difference between *class* and *status*.

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