Blog # 2 CURFEW

Curfew, is an oscar winning short film. In this film, we can see Karl Marx’s Alienation, Emile Durkheim’s Anomie and Social Facts and Max Weber’s Social Actions.


2 responses to “Blog # 2 CURFEW

  1. wow i really wish there was more to this movie . It really shows how stressful life can be and repetitive as seen in the short movie when the main guy returns every night to the same bloody bathtub that is never clean. It shows how stress in life can bulid up from work, marriage and everything else life has to offer. The little girl is a life saver for the main character who is her suicidal uncle. There are definately concepts from marx , durkheim and weber in this film. It shows this sense of anomie as aaniesht posted (this lack of norms in society) shown by the main character and his bad habits. It is quite funny how a little girl can change a whole mans life and bring a little bit of meaning back to his own life. It shows how family can make one stronger. I guess i can say there was this concept of alienation in the movie beacause the movie did almost end with the main character killing himself which can be part of this alienation concept because once you see yourself as this instrument or object that just works to make more money than you yourself make for a company or business you start to look at life a bit differently and sometimes people take drastic tolls on their bodies…

  2. Great find. Annie, PLEASE go back and properly title your posts (Blog 1, Blog 2…), so that you can receive marks and credit for them.

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