Post # 3 Weber And Our Society

For Weber  “rationalism” or “behaviorism” is the key to interpreting modernity.  Modern societies (mechanical) are distinguished from traditional societies (organic) by the way we think, feel and operate in the world.  However he sees both advantages and disadvantages in this, because even tough modernity creates greater efficiency, “wealth” (well… for the 1%) and “justice”, modern society is also at risk of becoming dehumanized, where people become “Specialists without spirit, sensualists without heart.”   Weber, also argues about social inequality; but for him it is more complicated than separate society into two major classes; he believes that modern societies are dominated, not only by owners of capital, but also by those with political power, social power or status differences, and bureaucratic power.

And speaking about status differences…does our society understand status as Weber explains?  I think there is a misconception about and between class and status in our society. Status is defined as the likelihood that life chances are determined by social honor, or, prestige, meaning the amount of admiration, estimation or respect a person gets; while class rests exclusively on economic interests and wealth, and it is represented under conditions of labor and commodity markets.  The money then does not make a person entitled to certain respect and prestige and a person who is honored it does not necessarily requires to have certain amount of money; but our society is loosing the real meanings of values and people think that because one has the better car, the bigger house, and the expensive clothes they belong to certain “status” and for this reason they belong to a better “class”.  And another question comes to my mind…how many people are in our society who truly deserved to be honored and respected because of what they do and not because of what they have or how much they have?  Question that, to me, brings issues such as racism, social regulations and their contradictions, bureaucracy and its fairness, etc.

Andrea Fajardo.


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