American Dream: reality or a big scam?

The American dream is a fantasy. A mirage to fool people into believing that there is this false sense of hope that life will always get better and that every single person is destined to be wealthy. Where did this American dream start? Somewhere between the civil war and WW1 this idea that America is the land of prosperity emerged. The American dream was and always will be a marketing tool. We were a rapidly growing nation and we needed cheap labor and we needed it fast. We made ourselves the prime target of all poor struggling people living around the world. They were convinced that if they were to leave their lives behind and come here that they would have endless happiness. But they were unaware of what awaited them in this perfect heaven. The idea of the American dream was just a way to con people into coming here. Once they were here they were stuck. They spent all their money and resources venturing to America, and that’s exactly where the people developing our country wanted them. Poor, homeless, and desperate people were all stuck here in the new world with no option but to work for whatever wages they could. They lived in horrible conditions and multiple families would share apartments at times. most immigrants were probably better off in their home countries. We labeled ourselves as the land of opportunity, but who was the opportunity really for? Sure some people who came did in fact do great things. The real opportunity described by the american dream was for business men, for politicians, and entrepreneurs planning the future of America. The real motive behind the creation of the American dream was to exploit these immigrants and use their labor to build up the country far more rapidly than ever before. It was brilliant by businessmen, people willingly spent all their money to come here to trap themselves and be forced to do unfavorable work. We were a pool of untapped resources, vast forests and a massive country which needed to be united. If it wasn’t for these desperate immigrants America would never have been able to grow so rapidly. The likes of J.P. Morgan, Carnegie, Rockefeller, and so on used these people to rapidly grow corporations which would explode into economic powerhouses. Imagine had there been no flood of immigrants, the population crippled by the civil war. A massive country like America would not recover so easily. It would not be where it was today. The population at the time would not have been able to rebuild the infrastructure from the ground up and propel America into a powerful international force.

Even today we can see people being exploited by this idea of the American. It is not as powerful of an image as it once was. But all around us we can see people being oblivious to their true selves. Rather than focusing on what they can do, are doing, and should be doing everyone believes they can become a celebrity. Everyone believes that they will become rich and not only do most Americans believe it is going to happen, most even believe they are entitled to becoming wealthy. Where has this all come from?

While yes having hope and believing in yourself is good there are certain points in time where you have to come to terms with your life and how it is turning out. No you will not become the president. No you will never be a celebrity, or a professional athlete, or a billionaire business owner. Your votes hardly even matter in elections. All that the average American will amount to in an average life time is mediocrity. Once they accept that as their destiny they begin to live in reality rather than behind a curtain of lies.

The American dream was a big ploy to exploit desperate people and use them to place in action the construction of America. This country would never amount to what it is today without the idea of the “American Dream” absorbing the millions of immigrants it did. It was a brilliant marketing strategy. The fact that it is still believed and followed today just goes to show you how brilliant it really was.



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