Post #3. What is the American Dream?

According to most Americans, and those who views this country as the land of opportunity, the American dream is living in a beuatiful home with an eye catching landscaping front yard, two kids, and a great marriage. According to Veblen, the (modern-day) people whom own a beautiful home would be those who are from the leisure class. The working class would have to go through some struggle in order to achieve this lifestyle.

When immigrants arrive here, they don’t realize how hard it will be for them to achieve the American Dream. It certainly is doable, but it will be a struggle in the most part. We all have to be conscious of every step we take in order to get to where we want to be. This means save and not fall into the trap of the conspicuous consumers, debt, and other sorts of setbacks.

All in all, I definetly believe the American dream is achievable, it all depends on the person and the effort the person invests in their future.


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