Blog 1 Gilman’s gender differences

Blog 1- Gilman
We are taught at a very young age the there is a difference among human beings that divides us all and that is the concept of race. Little boys are suppose to play with cars and young girls are suppose to play with dolls. According to normal society the color pink is designated for girls as blue is for boys. This gender concept is just as apparent today as it was in the past, and Gilman described that although men and women have biological differences through the theory of social Darwinism which explains gender differences as innate within us we are also taught to behave differently as well. Through social interaction people are taught what is acceptable behavior according to their gender. I thought it was interesting how she used the analogy of the corset choking a women ‘s waist after a while she becomes numb to the pain where it almost feels normal to her, can be compared to the social pressure for a women to uphold certain expectations that they don’t even notice what’s really going on.


3 responses to “Blog 1 Gilman’s gender differences

  1. That was a good example about the corset and a good analogy as well. These social norms are still entranced into us and that is true where colors and actions are still gender specific in a sense, but that gap has been diminishing, slowly but surely. As for seeing people differently since birth, that wasn’t true for me as i didn’t even know their was a difference until the first grade and we learned about MLK jr. My mother was upset that i finally found out this weird concept of race but it was history and something necessary to learn. I’m just saying…But in connection to that, maybe the same concepts that my parents went with could be instilled into today’s culture. Where colors aren’t introduced right away or other social norms, but just keep in mind that in life people have jobs to do which include cooking, cleaning and making money so no matter who does it, the jobs must get done. So gender roles, sharing them or dividing them, must be done.

  2. Wow… I completely agree with what you are saying. Society has all these social norms and ideas that we are born into and that are imposed upon us. That’s why we can’t just simply accept what society tells us. We must be able to think for ourselves and decide whether or not all of these norms are right and good for us as people.

  3. For a long time people have this theory that pink is for girls and blue is for boys. If you think about it a few years back men didn’t even think about wearing pink because it is such a girly color, but in today’s society men are seen wearing pink, and they wear it proudly. I don’t think a color should define who you are and what you are. If you like a color you should wear it freely without being judged and without caring what society thinks. Where in the world is it written that pink is girls and blue is boys? Nowhere. These are norms and ideas that society have established. I think its time to stop with this idea and just wear whatever color you feel like you should wear.

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