Gender inequality

For way to long we have all had to deal with gender inequality. Both men and women deal with gender stereotyping and sexualization. For many years women have dealt with stereotyping the most. From going to college to find a prospective partner to being in the workplace to become an eligible bachelor’s sectary just to get married. Women have been told for centuries that this is a man’s world. That the two sexes are completely opposite, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” notion. But lately with the rise of a close too equal but still further than it should be pay women are now making a stand and men are now being sought out. In class we watched a snippet from the series mad men which displayed the typical stereotypes of men and women in the 60’s. Needless to say although with our modern day feminism most of these stereotypes still exist. Especially since the women and men who lived within that error raised the women who are currently going to college now. Still instilled in many of us the value of self-corresponds with marriage. With the rise of more educated and independent women some get stereotype that they are too high and no man wants a woman who makes more than them. Then men now are seem as under achievers who need to also be able to cook, clean, take care of children because not only one person is the bread winner. Gender inequality to me personally is never going to end. If women act like men they will be seen as too strong. Men who act like women are seen as weak. Although societal rules and beliefs may change the societal norms in my opinion will always be in play. Men are more physically adequate and women are nurtures. (Sad but the reality of things)


One response to “Gender inequality

  1. I do agree with your opinions. But there is another way to look at this topic. It isn’t that there will always be gender inequality, but instead gender roles to be in play. Men are learning more stereotypical female tasks from the 60’s like cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children while woman are going to college and becoming CEO’s of companies becoming the “bread winners.” But gender inequality will only cease if we stop looking at it in that way. As humans, we all have roles to play, no matter what gender. Single dads and moms have to do it everything that both genders do “naturally” and they aren’t frowned upon due to that. It is easier with two people in a relationship where one does a set of tasks and the other has another set, or they share each task. Only when we look at gender inequality instead as shared roles will this topic and issue be obsolete. And fair pay to all, but that will become true very soon in every job and career, change takes time, even if it has been decades.

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