Post # 2 Gender Inequality

Gender Inequality is still a huge issue in America.  gender inequality is define as the disparity in status, power, and prestige between who identify as women and men.  Now a days, women have to fight to even be considered on the same playing field as men.  Today,  Women go to college to get a degree and to demonstrate that they do not belong in the kitchen.  Back in the days, women used to go to college to find a rich man that will give them social prestige and economic status.  Great strides have been made, but women still make less than men in many vocations.  To expand this into a broader issue as long as people are convinced that men and women are different to the point that they deserve different rights.  So, I ask myself if that is true.  As  a women I feel that we should have the same opportunites as men have.  However, this is not the only gender inequality faced today in America though.  We have males who have become females and females who have become males and there is a massive inequaliy surrounding these genders. I believe most people in America are afraid of gender and change.  We deal with gender inequality in our daily basis.  Males are born to be patriarchal leaders and their actions can b questiones only by other males.  Congress is dominated by men and womam still hasn’t made it to the White House.  Even in religion there is a gender inequality.  There is no woman who has been a priest or a Pope.  Man are the dominant creature and woman are followers.  It is sad to realize that we live in a world that is ruled by men


2 responses to “Post # 2 Gender Inequality

  1. Many of the points you have made in your post are extremely valid. Gender inequality serves as a huge problem in modern day America, and there is no reason why a problem like this should continue to occur. I’m not sure if you heard of the operations Wal Mart was practicing in which they never wanted to promote their female employees to management level positions, because they viewed it as a males position. They would show videos to their management crew which was demeaning and demoralizing for women and how they are sort of a different entity and do not deserve to be on the management level. I think that this is extremely disturbing for a major corporation, which seems like is taking over the world, to have this mentality. Is absolutely disgusting for a company to act this way especially since there is no real difference in work ethic in style in males versus females.

  2. Cristina, unfortunately in this day in age we haven’t seen women holding powerful positions in the work force or in many industries. It could be because women were repressed and slowly but surely because of the women’s movement we started to gain recognition in different vocations. I do believe that it will be a while before men and woman receive the same compensation or to be treated as equal in the work force.

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