Post # 4 The House of Sand and Fog

This was a very interesting movie which i enjoyed a lot. The writing was superb and the acting of the different cultures and individuals were fantastic. Weber would have had a lot to say about this movie if he were alive to see it. His theories of different actions explain multiple situations in this movie. His theory of affective action were displayed when the woman ( I am bad with names so the people are referred to woman, father, wife, boy and cop) attempted to commit suicide after drinking heavily. Traditional action was seen with the father and boy when he taught his boy about their culture and how they were different from Americans. Also seen in their prayers and customs as well, for instance the fathers view of the female lawyer as weird or the way he always dressed in public. Instrumental -value rational was seen with the cop and his view to take the family by gunpoint. this was all driven to get the goal of the family out and his side chick back into the house. it was also seen with the fathers attempt to keep the house as it was instrumental for him to flip the house. And finally value-rational action was seen when the family took care of the woman after she attempted suicide each time by taking her in and making sure she was safe and nurtured back to health the best they could in the situation they were in.

Now in my opinion, the family was more in the right than the female. She had time to fix the situation she was in just by opening up her mail. You can be depressed or mad or emotional beyond, but it is your duty to live your life and protect yourself, especially when all the information is sent directly to your door. It was no secret that they were taxing her, even though falsely, her fault for not correcting the issue. If she did that, the house would have still been hers and the other family would not have been in the situation they were until their deaths. It was not the families fault, as the man saw an opportunity and he ceased it. In this day and age, if you let just one opportunity slide by, you may have lost your chance to join the leisure class and give his family a better life. I am not saying that the man handled the situation perfectly, as their were faults on both sides, but i see him much more in the right than the woman. Make this a lesson to OPEN YOUR MAIL!!!


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