The House of Sand and Fog

The House of Sand and Fog describes Weber”s ideal types of social action.  The House of Sand and Fog relates the story of two different people who struggle to obtain what they believe was right.  On one side of the story we have Colonel Behrani who lives an unrealistic world.  Colonel Behrani and his family migrated from Iran where they had to leave beacause of political reasons. In his daughter wedding we can appreciate that they have a prestigious status, respcted people that  try to mantain the same bureaucratcy by doing whatever it takes to do.   Kathy is the other individual trying to survive  the world that she had made herself.  Kathy is a middle class woman who inherit the house that her father bought 30 years ago by working hard and that she lost in less than 8 months.  Kpaathy was negligent  in her desperation to recuparate her patrimony, she did whatever it took to fight back.  Behrany’s and Kathy”s life encounter  a turning point when he buys kathy”s house.  Their lives will change drastically when they realized that it was already too late.

In the movie, Behrany is a good example of Webers ideal type of Traditional Authority.  The way Behrany use to hit his wife whenever they had an argument.  He was always the one who made the last decisionand be the patriarcal of the family.  Behrany shows a traditional type of social action that he was accostomed and formed.  In the movie there is a scene where Behrany and his wife argue about the house.  She exclaimed with anxiety that they will be deported to the country they had to leave becuase of him.  Behrani’s reaction was hitting her on the face.

For Behrany the house was an instrumental object that will benefit his own purposes.  This emphizes Wever”s type of social action which is  an intrumental rational type.  Behrany calculates which actions will lead in the best and most effective manner to goal the been set.  He knew he made a great investment by buying Kathy”s house for only 1/4 of the house value.  Kathy’s lawyer tried to make a deal but behrany refused and imply ” it doesn”t  matter, this house is a necessity for my family “  The house for Behrany was an investment and he had to meke it productive.

Officer Lester shows the affective social action of which his actions are determined by his specific affections and emotions and emotional state. He was attracted to kathy and offer her help.  Officer Lester’s emotions made him to anything in order to get Kathy”s attention. 

Comparing both situations I feel that The Behrani”s family had more right to keep the house because they didn’t do anything illegal. Behrani did what he believed was right.   He wanted to have the American Dream and to have back what he lost when he left his country,  On the other hand Kathy was so laid back and she got what she deserve.  It was already too late when she realized that she made a mistake


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