‘Response to Rick Ross Rape Lyric’

Activist and journalist, Rosa Clemente, responds to Rick Ross’ “rape lyric”:

Clemente speaks with Marc Lamont Hill on HuffPost Live, along with Ebony Magazine‘s News & Life Editor Jamilah Lemieux, Washington Post columnist Rahiel Tesfamariam, as well as Brooklyn hip hop artist Talib Kweli – Rick Ross Rape Lyrics: Talib Kweli Takes Rapper To Task Over Controversial Song.  They discuss not only Ross’ lyric, but also “the importance of holding hip-hop artists and American communities accountable for not proactively rejecting rape culture or adequately addressing the prevalence of violence against women.”

“A lot of what we criticize about hip-hop, we tend to make it black specific, or ghetto specific, or male specific. It’s just an American problem. So you have white men, you have white male politicians who have said things that are very similar to what Rick Ross said,” Lemieux commented (e.g., Republican US Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin of Missouri, who stated that pregnancy rarely occurs as a result of what he called “legitimate rape“).

The saga continued with a critique of Kweli’s “mansplanation” from the Crunk Feminist Collective: Five Ways Talib Kweli Can Become A Better Ally To Women in Hip-Hop.


2 responses to “‘Response to Rick Ross Rape Lyric’

  1. With lyrics like these, people that listen to Rick Ross might think it’s “cool” when it’s not. After this, many of his fans will post these lyrics on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, supporting what he says. Commercial rap is listened to all over the world and most of this commercial rap promotes rape culture. In an interview, Rick Ross stated that he never used the word “rape”. He is ignorant and knows that any time a person is rendered insensible or unconscious to the point where she can no longer see, hear or speak, and the next day “she ain’t even know it” is RAPE. Because the word “rape” wasn’t used, Ross refuses to apologize. Everyone recognizes what he said. Even Reebok has dropped Rick Ross because Reebok holds their partners to a “high stand”, and they “expect them to live up to the values” of their brand and Rick Ross “has failed to do so”. If he can’t find anything wrong with what he said, then he needs to reevaluate himself.

  2. An interesting perspective is, why is rape the final straw? Often times these lyrics are vile and disturbing. Bragging about assaults, murders and kidnapping. What makes rape the final straw? Could you imagine what would happen if we were able to cause a commotion with all disgusting lyrics such as these?

    The interesting thing is reebok signed him as a spokesperson knowing what lyrics he talks about..so now rape is off limits but drugs, and guns are okay? Come on its like what are your morals reebok? Why pretend to be high and mighty and drop Rick Ross NOW?

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