Blog post 4 Gender inequality And rape

 when we discuss rape  we can see that both sexes can be at fault, not only for the action at hand, but for the of equality being destroyed. It is a well known fact that men do not rape for sex, but rather for power. Men already have power just because they are men living in a male dominated society. Why on earth would a member of this “dominant” group feel the need to physically take over another person’s body in order to feel powerful? Are American men so accustomed to having their way that they feel they can do as they wish constantly and without thinking about the consequences? Or, are men who rape merely retaliating as a means of retrieving the power they have been losing since day one of the women’s movement? I also see rape going way back to when white slave owners raped black women just to establish that these women were a piece of property and not an individual who has feelings and rights. The thought of equality does not sit well with those that crave the power that might be one of the reasons why we attack women and also why women get paid less than men when women enter the same work forces as men do juts to establish that men are still superior to women.


2 responses to “Blog post 4 Gender inequality And rape

  1. Clear and compelling.

  2. farahmohammed9

    I agree with your post. I feel that During the Victorian Era, women served the role of being housewives and little else. They were at the core of carrying out familial duties such as keeping the home tidy, tending to several children, and preparing meals for the hard-working man. Beginning at a very early age, women were taught that education and having a profession was a privilege only men were entitled to and that if one played her cards right, she could find a man to support her. Never was the idea presented that women could also be similar to the employed men in society. This led to women being fixed in a continuous cycle of social entrapment. Also, the pressures placed on women as being the homemaker has significantly impacted how much less women get paid as compared to men in the workforce. This indicates to us that branching too far off from the stereotypical duties assigned to women has a negative effect on their advancing towards their career. When one finally does she may still possess that principle of freedom or individuality, which does not carry out well in a relationship where two people should rely upon each other and work together. In the eyes of even a contemporary society it would seem like women have strayed from traditional values for their own reasons –be it good or bad. Although women have their “second job” as a homemaker this has not affected their view on the importance of family and marriage because they are still incorporating their lives around the lives of their family and children.

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