Blog # 3 Gender Equality?????

Gender Equality?????

This poster was published around the time when women started working outside their homes. It shows a strong and determined woman ready to take over the world….But the scarf tied around her head also implies that she is still responsible for the work around the house like taking care of her kids and family. There is no doubt that we have come a long way but we still have ‘double shifts’. There are many family where both man and woman works outside the house, buts it’s the woman who has to come home and start her next shift i.e. cook dinner and look after the children. We are so used to our double shifts that if the husband tries to help, we think he’s very sweet because he is helping us with ‘our work’. No matter how much we say men and women are equal, the truth is it’s not. The double standards we have in our society regarding women doen’t allow us to walk shoulder to shoulder with men.


2 responses to “Blog # 3 Gender Equality?????

  1. Thanks for adding this iconic image, Annie. Sharp insight about the symbolism of the scarf. It makes me think about the customs at the time vis a vis hair coverings for women in the (temporarily “blue”- and typically “pink”-collar) workforce. In my imagination, in the 40s and 50s most female workers are wearing hair nets or scarves or the like. Now that we’re moving to a section on *fashion* this might be something to look into, trends in wearing scarves around your hair, in “society,” whether it was the invention of hair spray that changed it (I’m actually thinking of a Mad Men episode, come to think of it — not sure about the accuracy).

  2. I definately agree with your saying here. Society has been set up in a way that puts pressure on woman to take care of the household, even if they work outside the home. This can be very demanding to women at times. Still, men are never expected to take care of the home. Their only expectation put on them is to work outside the home.

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