Blog Post 2 inequality and rape

                                                 Rape is prevalent throughout all societies and through most, if not all, animal species. But that doesn’t make it right. Unlike most people I don’t view rape as a form of “stamping dominance” upon somebody. Sure there are scenarios where this may be the case but I believe these are few and far between. There is a highly controversial book called “A Natural History of Rape” which argues that rape is a natural animalistic drive within humans to reproduce. It argues that rape is a last resort for people who struggle to succeed in other forms of mating and copulating. Rape is not only seen in humans it is seen all throughout nature as a form of prolonging your lineage. It is not the most ideal way most animals would like to procreate. But when an animal has struggled to produce offspring it is sometimes a last resort, and sadly it is an effective last resort. I’ve seen so many, way too many, reports of recent cases of rape emerging from all across the world while most of them have come from India. It’s believed that the nature of sexuality in India is making it very difficult for men to find mates. We like to distance ourselves from animals but we can’t we are animals our drive is to reproduce and when that drive is hindered sometimes we are forced into positions which are horrific. Rape is never good; physiologically rape is very damaging and can usually harm the female preventing in any sort of reproduction.  I know as a sociology class we focus on human societies but when comparing our ways of life to those of animals we can see many similarities. In nature you see inequality between the sexes, not always in favor of just the male. Sometimes it is the females who are dominant and will try and force the males to do things they may not find appealing. In our society it is male dominated, but we as a species have begun to merge. We are beginning to blend the gender gap and will eventually succeed in total equality. The point of my post is that we like to look at people who cause rape as having some sort of psychiatric disorder or illness. But when we observe ourselves for what we really are, when we take a step back we can see that it’s something more serious than that. The fear of never reproducing or having offspring, even if it is only subconscious and the individual does not regularly worry of it, causes great distress in humans. 


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