Blog#2 (a repost due to errors)-On Isolated individuality, society and egoism–“Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview”

On Isolated individuality, society and egoism–“Crossroads: Labor Pains of a New Worldview”

I just want to share this video.This talks about the current issues we are facing regarding the “cult of individualism,” egoism, and social solidarity which are some of the concepts of Emelie Durkheim. This video covers not only the sociological aspects of these concepts but also the psychological, economic, and biological aspects. It is a challenge to realize and change our mentality of self-sufficiency, self-survival and isolation.

At this point of time, we do live in a very individualistic world, where people are outdoing each other, competing with each other to get more than the other, and to be more than the other. The focus becomes more of the “me,” “my needs,” and “my wants.”
Durkheim was very right taking notice of this, pointing out that “individual isolation” has the danger of egoism — where the person is solely focused on himself alone and anything about him. Although Durkheim may have focused more on social solidarity, he did not leave the fact that the individual aspect of self is also important. This, in line with his concept of division of labor, shows that a person’s individuality is an essential part of the whole–the social. I would agree with that. Our own individual creativity is a part of one whole integral system. We are not only interconnected– causing effects on each other, but also interdependent. We do not lose ourselves, but we establish ourselves–sometimes by competition and then we contribute to the whole integral system that we are in to. We connect, and we benefit from it. We pull away and we miss out on being connected and growing together and flourishing together.


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