Blog#4 -gender equality-

Here is a powerful yet brief video that I’ve seen from the organization that I volunteer to. It is really worth the watch. It addresses the issues of gender inequality, women’s rights, sex, sexual abuse, abortion, reproductive health, family planning.

Femininity as defined nowadays, has changed a lot as compared to the early years before the feminist movements came to rise. Femininity has evidently changed from conservative, held back, controlled and lead to a radical, free, (most often) controlling and leading. Although, in some countries, we women are still held back by the patriarchal society, yet, we are being heard more and more. We are quite evidently being liberated from gender inequality. However, it makes me wonder, does the inequality between gender lies only along the lines of the female? How about the male population, don’t they also experience inequality in terms of social functions and expectations especially in the work place and within the family? Don’t they have anything to complain about just because the are men? How about their roles in the society. Don’t the stereotypical defnition of masculinity of strength, work, competition reflect containment and restriction? Also, are they not overtly judged negatively by their chosen (effeminate) roles in society especially when their gender do not fall in between? Don’t men also get harassed (verbally and physically) for failing to meet what was expected of them as a man?


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