Blog 2:Federici…

Blog 2:Federici
Throughout traditional society women’s identities have been primarily portrayed as care taker of the household which includes taking care of kids, cooking and cleaning. This primary role of caretaker is devalued and underestimated and is expected from women free of charge. As this mainstream ideology still perpetuates our society women have over time made strides to make their voices heard. Women have worked hard to prove that they can work just as efficiently as men. At this day age it is not uncommon for women to work in the workforce along side men yet the expectation of care taker is still evident. Often putting greater stress on women because they have taken a dual responsibility of being a breadwinner and home/care taker. Although this view is still prevalent in our society it varies among socioeconomic status, race, and culture. Federici stated that women should be recognized for their labor in the household to break the chain of the expectation of men. I agree that women should be recognized but in order to implement change in society working men and women should split the labor of the house hold so that men can understand and appreciate these responsibilities.

Blog 2- Federici


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