Gilman and “The Yellow Wallpaper”

This short story by Gilman clearly depicts an example of the oppression women faced at the time. The way women were essentially ‘locked up’ and told to do nothing was ridiculously an irrational remedy and could obviously only bring negative outcomes. This type of depression wasn’t understood then, which also points out how women were seen as inferior and quick to be rendered crazy if they deviated at all from their gender role. It was also seen as another weakness that women possessed. This illustrates clearly the chains and restraints women felt at the time. It is a horror to think what women in those situations had to experience. Even as one reads the story, initial thoughts of “this woman is crazy!” can pop up but then the need to look deeper happens. This is what men in society saw them; they used it a tool to make them feel inferior and remind them of how “weak” they were. Society can brainwash us on how to fit our gender roles so to be able to see outside the box is always an incredible attribute. I believe Gilman – though her views on gender inequalities only applied to a certain population of women – has positively contributed greatly to where we are today.

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One response to “Gilman and “The Yellow Wallpaper”

  1. I agree society definitely tries to create a “different you,” especially through the media nowadays. One bad remark on either gender, such as what one wears- that is presented on the news, can affect many to change the way he or she dresses.

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