Rape Culture

After watching the video about the four high school boys raping that girl in Ohio, I was disgusted. It’s been said that parents should teach their sons to respect women, but the coach of these boys was basically teaching them opposite. It’s one thing to teach these boys to be aggressive on the field during a football game or practice, but they should also be influenced by the coach that they should lead a moral lifestyle outside of the field. These boys found nothing wrong with what they did, instead, they found it funny. It was almost as if they were proud of themselves for what they had done to this girl while she was incoherent. The coach was more concerned about making his team look innocent than anything. This is a terrible influence to anyone who watched the news or youtube video clip, because boys all around the world are given the idea that they could get away with rape, just like the four football players did. I’m not saying the parents shouldn’t be blamed for their sons’ behavior, but how are these parents supposed to teach their sons to respect women when we have people like that coach making their behavior seem acceptable? 


2 responses to “Rape Culture

  1. I agree, there is absolutely no tolerance for raping women. However, I don’t care how much peer pressure, or what kind of coach they have, the parents have to do a better job with establishing morals in a child. I think religion plays a big part in this scenario as well.

  2. I agree with both responses, i think parents have big influence on how they child acts but at the same time if the child is a person that might get easily influenced by others than this kind of situation might happen. But besides that i also think these girls should take a little responsibility too, they in some way put themselves in these predicaments. All in all i dont think its right what these boys nor do i agree with that coach who probably has an old fashioned mind set which he thinks men still rule the world. But these boys should know what is right and wrong with all the internet access they have they should know the consequences of those actions.

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