Post #4 Women And Society

Women have always been stigmatized by the role they have to play in society, from birth they are supposed to be delicate, to be dressed in pink, and they are expected to play with dolls.  Men, on the other hand, have been always expected to be the “stronger gender”, the ones who play with cars and the ones who wear blue.  In the adulthood men are suppose to be the head of the household and the ones responsible for the family, but truly Who has been always in charge of the family?  In reality, women had and still has to deal with many roles in society, for instance a woman could be a mother (and father at the same time), a wife, a student, a professional, a grandmother, and she could be some of these or all at the same time, and however she is paid only for a single job.

When I think about gender and its inequalities I go back in time through history and it is easy to recognize times when women didn’t have as much rights as men, times where women didn’t have any rights at all.  Men and women had their respective societal roles and woman suffered from an economic dependence on men; comparing passed times with our actual time it is obvious that many changes had happened in our society.  Now days, women are considered equal to men in many ways, for instance, education, and jobs opportunities.  Educational levels are similar for both genders even tough women have more difficulties in the labor market, not only to access to positions of greater responsibility and social prestige, but also comparing to the wages paid, but at least women are allowed to do it and to prove themselves and others their aptitudes in different areas.  When we speak about gender inequality it is easy to link it with sexism; but currently, it is not surprising to find an electrician woman or a man cook, and it is about time to open our eyes and see that both women and men should have the same opportunities, and see that women worth more than they are actually considered because “The labor of women in the house, certainly, enables men to produce more wealth than they otherwise could; and in this way women are economic factors in society.  But so are horses.”  -Charlotte Perkins Gilman-

Andrea Fajardo


4 responses to “Post #4 Women And Society

  1. I agree with you that women have gained some equality in society but even still I believe women are still doing more work than men. We are the ones that have to clean, cook, care for the kids, while men are not expected to do so. In that way certain gender roles have not changed in many families. However I feel that we will eventually reach a point where one day we will be truly equal to men.

  2. I agree with your post on women being equals to men. Though women are considered the weaker sex, history has proven otherwise. During WWI and WWII when all the men were drafted out to war the women were doing literally everything. Domestic work as before but women had to take on new roles and do the factory, industrial work the men left behind.

  3. Oh-puh-leeeeease!!! Where do I begin?? Women and their cries, stop it already! Its beyond ridiculous at this point. Women say, I cook, I clean, I’m a grandmother, a wife, a student, a professional blah blah blah, Half you women can’t even cook…That’s a women’s problem right there, women are complainers! Men cook too! As you said, its common to find a man cook (male chef), I’m a student, I’m a professional, some men are husbands, and grandfathers!…BUT YOU DONT SEE US COMPLAINING ABOUT IT! Does a women expect to be paid for being a wife?? As if the diamond ring wasn’t enough…Men don’t get a big diamond ring for getting married. I think a lot of these stereotypical scenarios don’t even apply to modern day society women. Women aren’t even half as respectable as they were 60 years ago. Like really, using wars as an argument is extremely distasteful. While men are on the battlefield fighting and dying, losing their lives for the country women want more rights in–women even take that opportunity to complain about picking up the slack of doing what is necessary for the country to continue functioning while men are at war. I think that is very insulting to the men who lost their lives in war.
    There are women that go to war in 2013, but I don’t see majority of women wanting to go to the battlefield. Most men don’t even want too, but its expected because we’re men, right? Majority of women are NOT ABOUT THAT LIFE! Majority…and I repeat majority! –Because, not all women are clueless when it comes to this discussion, –most women do NOT take into account the duties of being a man. Most women are selfish, they only think about what they do, and feel that what they do is more important than they get credit for, because like I started this response–Women are complainers!
    After reading this passage, its becoming clearer and clearer. Women keep getting more rights because women just never stop complaining! It’s only a matter of time until you give someone what they want if they never stop complaining, just like a new born that never stops crying for a pacifier, then when you give them the pacifier, they cry for a bottle, and so on. I feel laws need to be updated to fit the modern day women. I don’t think todays women deserve to automatically get the child in a divorce, I think prenuptial should be automatic, etc. Women in 2013, are not classy, they’re trashy. No I’m not a bitter man, so throw that assumption out the window, I’ve been in two 4+ year relationships, my ex still wants me, my current girl is more than satisfied, and women are knocking at the door. This is just solid real talk. Women want credit for everything, want to take responsibility for nothing respectable, and want men to be MEN when it is convenient.

  4. I agree with you in some points, However , I also feel that even though women now has more rights like before , we are still fighting to have equal rights like men do. And yes we do cry because we are emotional by nature. A man would not be able to give birth and that is something that we women are proud of

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