(1) Women and Culture

Everything Covered But Her Eyes vs Nothing Covered But Her Eyes; Which Is More Oppressive?I saw this picture a long time ago, at that moment I understood what the creator was trying to portray. After discussions in class I find it has new meaning. I feel it shows how different cultures vary in terms of fashion. Some find women who wear less is considered for alluring whereas other cultures find the more a woman covers up the more appealing she is. Both ladies say “what a cruel male- dominated culture,” depicting how women my feel men are the dictators of societal values. I believe in a way men do dictate a way a lady dresses, for instance men in the middle east prefer to see their wives and children covered therefore the women dress the way they do. In Western culture “showing skin” is appealing to men and women have a general idea that showing more will get them more attention.


8 responses to “(1) Women and Culture

  1. Awesome! I’ve been looking for just this cartoon to share with the class! Glad you tracked it down.

  2. Just like the old saying, ” A picture is worth a thousand words”! The above picture is so telling. I can predict what each woman is probably thinking in addition to the caption. The Arab woman is thinking the American woman is being exploited, used as a sex object, sexualized, belittled and seen as a piece of meat for the pleasure of men.
    Meanwhile the American woman is thinking how oppressed, male dominated, abused, lack of creativity and expression the Arab woman must be suffering.
    I think each woman has some validity to their opinion regarding each other. Men in certain respects are controlling how woman are being presented and/or represented. Each culture is male dominated. Each woman probably thinks she controls how she look and displays herself or regards her dress or lack thereof as culture fitting.
    Who’s to say who is right? Whether you’re body is exploited or hidden, women have the right to control their own bodies.

  3. comment #5 : This cartoon represents both fashion and the way women are viewed as in different societies.

    In some cultures, like in America today, it is acceptable and many times preferred that women bare a lot of skin. In other cultures where the culture is more conservative it can be sinful to see any type of skin on a woman.

    Women use fashion as a way to express themselves but sometimes they can be judgmental on the fashions of other cultures. Like in the cartoon, the Muslim woman may like wearing her outfit but since it isn’t normal for others like in Western culture they may feel like she is being oppressed.

  4. Wow! I remember seeing this picture last year. I concluded that I’d rather be with the scantily clad woman than the covered up woman. I say that because the scantily clad woman has the option to dress with more clothes or the option to flaunt her body. While I can understand the idea of covering up your body because it is sacred to you and sometimes the perception or unknown is sexier than the known, I’d rather have the choice on how to showcase my body

  5. comment#4
    I can relate myself to the American girl’s point of of view. Every time i see a woman with everything covered but her eyes i get upset because I think that they have no opinion on how to live their lives. I see how their husbands can wear whatever they want, but they have to be covered up from hear to toe even if its 100 degree weather. I know it its their religion but i find it unfair that they have to dress like that while the male don’t. I think that they too should have the option to wear whatever they feel comfortable with, specially when they come to the US. Your culture is not only in what you wear.

  6. There is this quote that I’ve come across many times before,
    “Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves and, of course, each other. If girls dressed for boys they’d just walk around naked at all times.” ― Betsey Johnson
    I have to agree with this because it does make sense but I also get where the above comments are coming from. When culture is involved in such topics of discussion, many opinions will be stated and its nice to hear from all different angles and viewpoints but I do believe that we say something indifferent because of the fact that we haven’t been in a specific position to really know what it feels like and so we are quick to jump to conclusions and whatnot. What is “normal” in our society (the woman on the right) is what we think is more accepting as well but there will always be the other side of the story.

  7. I’m going to keep this short and sweet although, I usually write paragraphs, especially on topics such as this one. I look at it like this, you get what you attract. When you reveal it all, you leave no mystery, just like a stripper. So, I ask you ladies how do you feel about strippers?
    The problem is women want to be judged on their mind, despite how they dress or act, when the fact is perception is reality, and WE ALL KNOW women are more judgmental than men.

  8. I agree with IlenaC, I always looked at it being unfair that they have to keep themselves covered for their husbands. But I feel like it should be their own choice. I had a lot of friends in high school that would come to school covered but would un cover themselves once they came into the building. When they’re ready to go home, they cover themselves again to show please their parents. I believe that they should have their own choice, its their life and their body and they have every right to decide whats right for themselves.

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