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Fashion, according to, is a prevailing custom or style of dress, etiquette, socializing. Fashion, according to Simmel, is a way to express individualization. I agree with Simmel, because over the years my outfit choices have changed depending on what stage I was in in my life, who I hung out with, and how I was feeling at that moment. I have gone through the tomboy stage dressing in baggy shorts, a baggy t-shirt, and a backwards baseball cap to dressing in all black, wearing dark eye makeup, spiked necklaces, to being  a tomboy again to being such a pretty in pink girly girl. Simmel believed that by the way a person dresses it gives them the opportunity to express their uniqueness and sense of “self identity”.

In the clip “Occupy Fashion and Wall Street 2012, the first man, Robert Verdi, thinks that fashion is affected by social changes. I agree with him, because every season every designer creates a new line of clothing and it will never look the same. Over the years our economy has been improving little by little, but not everyone can afford to wear 1,000 dollar items so stores sell clothes that may look similar to the expensive ones, but not exactly the same.

Here’s a clip of a movie trailer that I am pretty sure most have you have seen. Its the movie The Devil Wears Prada Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep

Basically Anne Hathaway is this smart, intelligent journalist who gets hired at this fashion magazine called Runway. She is just a regular girl who dresses in regular, not so stylish clothes. She gets picked on by her boss and the workers, because she does not fit in within the fashion world. Anne Hathaway then gets help from a coworker to get a complete makeover and becomes this fashionista. Many people have seen this movie and many people do feel the need to dress a certain way to fit in and if you don’t you will not be accepted by society.

Fashion is not what it used to be; it used to be about just dressing to show who you are on the outside, but it has become a huge competition in society. People dress to impress everyone else besides themselves. They buy something so that they can wear it or use it when they go out and show everyone else look at me I look better than you. It has become a complete game and money maker in the world and it is not just about expressing your individuality anymore, because hundreds and thousands of people probably own those same exact items that you have.


5 responses to “Post #1: Fashion

  1. The movie The Devil Wears Prada is one of my few favorites! I think it is very fitting for what we discuss in class pertaining to Simmel and fashion. It goes to show just how your life determines your fashion sense and visa versa. Had Anne Hathway not changed the way she dressed to fit in to the “fashion” world she would be out of a job which is sad because those of us who has seen the entire movie knows she wanted the job for the experience to be a better journalist and not the fashion. It says a lot about the world we live in and how influential fashion is, even the job you acquire can determine the way you dress or the way you dress can determine the job you get.

  2. Fantastic, Mel! Great call on the “Devil Wears Prada” clip — perfect illustration of the meaning of fashion today (BTW, all you need to do add youtube videos is paste in the URL on its own line). The catalog of your past styles demonstrates really well how virtually all of us are influenced by and participate in “fashion.”

  3. I agree with you in the same way that fashion does change from time to time and according to our age as well. Like Simmel states we will not always be wearing the same things throughout our lifetime and as we discussed in class, once fashion becomes a norm then a new fashion arises. I also agree that fashion has become a competition because we are often looked from the outside and if an employee believes we will be a great representation for the company according to how we present ourselves, then we might just get the job.

  4. melobermeier24

    What is sad though is that people feel the need to change themselves to fit in. I for one am guilty of that, because in high school, when I was a freshman, the few people that I met came from very wealthy families. I felt like in order for these girls to like me and think that I was one of them I have to act and look the part. I was pretty lucky with the clothing area, because I went to Catholic school and we all had to wear uniforms so we all looked the same, but jewelry and purses I felt that I needed to have exactly what they had. I had fake louis vuitton’s and i would take my moms coach bags and some of the girls then thought i was this rich girl and in my head i was thinking that I am far from that. I wish that as a society people could accept others for who they are and not let other feel inferior with themselves. Hopefully by the time we are all older and in our thirties when we have children that society has changed a little more where people don’t have to feel the need to change themselves to fit in.

  5. Fashion is a huge deal in todays society. kids get tormented women are look down upon men are considered not to have enough swagg if they are not in the latest fashion. this has always been my downfall. I never been one to be really be into fashion. sometimes i learn the new trend from my little sister. but to family and especially my friends surprise they think that i purchase designer this and designer that. my handbags may be the only designer things i own. i shop based upon likes i see a shirt i like it i buy it not i see ashirt it says bebe so i buy it. i wish that society could be different and that people could be accepted for who they are and not what they wear. the pressure and the debt that some people deal with to “fit in” is awful.

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