Sugar Babies Post 3

This video is an episode from the Maury show, I’m sure everyone is familiar with this program. Well this specific clip focuses on women seeking for rich men who are also known as “sugar daddies”. These women aren’t ashamed to say what they do and how they manage to find them. These sugar babies encourage women to do this for living, relating to Charlotte Perkin Gilman, she points out that humans are the only species that has the female dependent on the male for survival. She observes that female activities in general are under the direction of the male. It’s ridiculous how these women are so dependent of men in order to be successful in life, downgrading themselves for money…it’s a dam shame.


4 responses to “Sugar Babies Post 3

  1. A, it’s interesting you chose to post about sugar babies and the website seeking arrangement. I actually have several friends who use this beside specifically, and don’t even mind speaking about what they do with their friends in normal conversation. My friends refer to the people that they meet with or go on dates with as clients, and are often going out with these men that they meet on this website. Many of my friends have gotten pricey new items from the men they meet on this site such as new iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, vacations to foreign countries, and my one friend had their college tuition paid for by one of their, “clients.” I don’t really judge any of my friends for doing what they do, it’s entirely up to them and they’re old enough to make their own decisions. However, I just find it weird that many guys are willing to spoil their sugar babies to such an extreme extent!

  2. My friends and I discuss this often. I often say “I wish I didn’t have morals so I could do this” I’ve seen reality tv shows that showed an ex convict (female) that had several paid offed luxury cars, a paid for townhouse and a walk in shoe closet that’s absolutely enviable! The life is made so glamorous and preys upon these tough economic times. I can’t tell you the number of Craigslist ads that target college girls with massive debt offering to pay it off for them or pay their rent. However, I could never look at myself doing what these women are doing. All money isn’t good money!

  3. A few weeks a go I saw on the news that a few young girls, who were probably no older than 22; who are doing this as well. they were interviewed and they said that they did it for the money but that they did not sleep with their sugar daddies. They said they did this to pay for college, to buy expensive things, to travel, to keep the elderly men company when they went to parties, dinner and any social activity. This seems to be increasing and not only older women are being sugar babies but young ones as well. Just like sandrabilliejean and her friends; my coworkers and i talk about this all the time when we get upset at the stupidity that goes on at our job, but we know we were raised to be the best we can be and to get things we want with our hard work and not taking advantage of other people. And I also agree that all money isn’t good money.

  4. I actually was watching a program where college females meet rich men on line and they go on dates with them for the exchange of money. Many of the females claim that these men are paying for their tuition, books , and other things that they need. Many have boyfriends which know about what they do and have no problem with this. The student claim that they get the money for the exchange of their company and that’s all.

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