Blog #4: NYC Fashion

image Living in NYC most of the time we are one of the cities that is way ahead of the fashion curve. According to Simmel, fashion is another aspect of social life built on the coupling of opposites. He also states that fashion is dynamic and has a historical context. While fashion allows us to express ourselves in anyway in which we desire, be in a rocker, punk, emo, preppy, or casual style, we can chose what we want to wear and how we want to dress while abiding by our society’s norms. Most dressing styles are accepted within society, even if an individual doesn’t understand one or particularly dress in that style. However how others conceive your style of fashion is important,miso you don’t want to do anything too out of the ordinary in which you are engaging in anomie. We are all lucky individuals to live in a city where you can wear almost anything you want at any time and almost never be judged by anyone. What you may be wearing today, could be next seasons hot new look.


8 responses to “Blog #4: NYC Fashion

  1. Nice image (TIP: after you paste in an image, click it and you can format it to the left, center or right, and the text will then merge in).

    I think you’re right about the diversity of styles in NYC, but don’t you think some people want to be “judged” and admired (or even scorned) for their fashion sense? Whether we like it or not, isn’t it true that many people “judge” others on the basis of “fashion”? And why is this necessarily a bad thing? What, specifically, about it is objectionable?

  2. I completely agree with you. Walking down the streets of NYC, you know you’ll always see a new fashion. Everyone has a different style and that’s what I love most! I’m from Middle Village, a neighborhood in Queens, where everyone judges you by the bag or shoes you’re wearing. But whenever I go to the city, no one ever judges you. Everyone has a different style. NYC is so accepting of new fashion & everyone, (I know many of you will disagree) but as rude and judgmental New Yorkers come off as, the random people that i’ve met in the city have been open to a civil unity.

  3. @jacqueline, I’m from Glendale, so I know exactly what your saying…! It’s all about the newest flashiest thing you have to show off to some one that you manage to get before its even out. Everyone over here is just way to pretentious about their image.

  4. I agree with you all. I am also from Glendale and everyone is always trying to outdo each other whether its with clothes, shoes or bags. When some purchases a new Louis Vuitton bag or a pair of Louboutins, it’s up on instagram for everyone to see. Everyone pretty much looks and dresses the same around here too. And at seems as though everyone has an eye for the pricey, finer things. In NYC people seem to be more accepting of all different fashions and it’s definitely a good feel when you’re out in the city.

  5. I agree with you. As we know that America is a melting pot, it accepts culture from all around the world. New York is like the heart of America. I think it somewhat merges the fashion of cultures together and New Yorkers are able to accept and bring out this culture or you can say, fashion.

  6. melobermeier24

    Along with the those that agree with you, I myself feel the same way. NYC is one of the fastest growing cities and with everyone being so different with their styles, you need to be open to different. Not everyone is going to have the same style or look the same way, which is great because that is what makes us so unique from one another. As we have all learned in different classes the United States is a melting pot and with that melting pot is going to come different styles from different groups of people and their backgrounds.

  7. melobermeier24

    I totally did not see the comment ahead of mine (but we both thought the same thing)

  8. I loved reading all these comments on this topic and I agree 100% with you all. People from all over the world want to see and read whats the new “in” thing that’s turning heads in New York, specifically. Like many of you have said, New York is one, if not, the most diverse city in the country/world; and being the most diverse in culture and ethnicity, it is only fitting that we are on top of our game in the fashion world, as well. Fashion to New Yorkers though, is just as unique as the individual wearing it. Everyone wants to know what and where they can get the most popular and fashionable pieces. And sometimes the fashion choices are so bizarre that only New Yorkers can pull it off (if that makes sense) since people think that we don’t really care what we wear as long as its something different and even crazier than the next person. I totally agree that New York is one of the rare places where people are more accepting to crazy, unique, way out there kind of fashion because that’s exactly how us New Yorkers are portrayed as; we are crazy. If thats the case though, then monkey see monkey do; we are all a little out there when it comes to mimicking and wearing what everyone else happens to like anyways.

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