Blog One: Seoul Fashion

Over all the k-pop fashion video was an interview about fashion in Seoul Korea. What was most interesting to me in this video was the surgery portion of it and the way it was thought of as common. Not only in Korea but in America as well. We now see surgery as something to enhance ourselves in order to both boost our confidence and appear more attractive others and it is completely normal to do so. In Seoul it has become a norm to have double eyelid surgery, which is done to create a crease on the eyelid to create the appearance of wider looking eyes. Their goal is to have a more desired Eastern look rather than a typical Asian appearance. In this video we also learn about individualism in clothing fashion. Each person interviewed claimed they wore certain things to stand out and point out their own styles. For example the punk barber who tried so hard to maintain his image unique for the love of music. Which is what theorist Georg Simmel tells us about fashion. Individuals like being unique and they enjoy the idea of being different, yet they are not against those who are doing the same thing they are. Like plastic surgery, once someone does it and has had a good outcome others would follow to get obtain the same thing. In the video one girl pointed out that she wanted eyelid surgery but she was hesitant because she knew that one day she might not feel the same was about it. As Simmel states, fashion remains fashionable only to the extent that the general population does not adopt it. Certain things during our lifetime become stylish and you will see people following the same trends over a period of time but over time they begin to die out and a new fashion arises.


2 responses to “Blog One: Seoul Fashion

  1. A lot of fashions influences come from celebrities. South Korea is well known for its K-Pop. The styles that Korean singers (better known as idol groups) portray through their music influence their fans in such a huge way. If a group dresses a certain way while promoting their songs, their fans will be seen dressed in similar ways. This is also evident in hairstyles, attitudes, and even plastic surgery. The reason why many people get plastic surgery is to look like the hot celebrities. As a South Korean myself, I wasnt at all surprised at all by the number of women and men that would get plastic surgery, but I was definitely grossed out by the parts where they actually showed the surgery.

  2. One of the aspects of the K-Pop profile that stuck out most to me was the constant emphasis on the “value” of looking more Western. Getting plastic surgery to adjust facial features was rationalized to be a beneficial decision for an individuals future, in a manner that echoes the trepidations that many founding sociologists wrote about in reference to the modernization of society.
    Another point that I noticed was the Korean focus on perfection. Many hairstyles and clothing had defined straight lines to them, and even those with diagonals (like sweeping bangs) were dynamic and sharpened. This need for perfection fuels the Korean desire to modify themselves, and is even seen in their most renown cultural example, K-Pop. Each band or idol member has a designated role, such as the “sexy one,” the “smart one,” or the “bad boy.” The individuals who play these roles may be too young to even know how much they’re being manipulated, but they have swarms of people ensuring that they don’t deviate from the ideal personas that have been created for them.

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